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How many people are sick of this?

okay, im just so ******* sick of people wondering whats wrong with there pet, i don't know, Boa constrictor they just got. Specifically when they don't do look stuff up about them or find what they eat. They dont pay attention either when someone tells them something important. I'm sick of hearing people as 'what kind of things should i get for my new pet Hedge hog i just got?' i mean, come on, 1 hour of looking things up and getting ready ahead of time is quite the idea isn't it?! Also, when they let the animal get so badly sick it cant move eat or do anything, when its at the end of the line. I mean i love to help and stuff, i just want this stuff to lower down a bit, i dont like seeing these things pop up. Please, so take this in and just do good for the animal and yourself and find something out about it before getting it.

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    I work in a pet store and see this every day, though it is much worse in the summer. People go to the beach or to the fair and come back with hermit crabs, anoles, red earred sliders, common goldfish, etc, and they have no clue how to take care of any of them.

    The people who sell these poor animals are participating in animal abuse. I have heard about people who tell their customers that the critter keeper they were given to take their turtles home in was a perfect habitat for their life! No filters, heaters, lighting, nothing. These suckers then get angry with me for telling them they need to put a dent in their wallet to properly care for their new pets.

    People need to boycott fair games that give away animals as prizes, and avoid impulse buying.

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    Oh god seriously. I spent a month researching rabbits before I started looking for which one to get. A MONTH. Personally I kind of think pet stores should not be allowed to sell animals - we don't really have the whole county fair thing here so the impulse buys are basically all from pet stores. And honestly? The chain store where I get my (recycled paper) litter and hay knows nothing about rabbits. They claim they live five years (it should be more like 10-15 with good care) and feed them "rabbit and guinea pig food" even though rabbits are not rodents and should not be fed most of the things in those mixes. The staff are lovely, really - I go to two different stores and I'm recognised, addressed sometimes by name, and the details of what pet I have are remembered. But I'm aware that they have more knowledge of the overall stock of the store and probably have more experience than me with cats and dogs, and I have more knowledge about the requirements and care of rabbits, and a lot of people don't know that sort of thing.

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    Have you thought about all the people who come here asking questions about the animals that were abandoned? Alot of us come here not knowing anything about that stray that they found hungry and sick and not having enough money to care for it but having enough heart in them not to want it to DIE.

    I am sick of people being sick of people asking questions.

    At least their not letting them starve and die in the cold. They come here trying to help. Some of these people are kids and are trying with a good HEART to help. So if you don't like don't read it. I am here only to help and I have done massive research and their are still things I don't understand. So stop answering those questions you are tired of them asking and only answer the ones you want to. Their will be people like me who do answer those hard hitting questions.

    People sick of people. Meaning I am sick of people getting sick. Is that clear?

    Source(s): Shakes Head ................ < I am sick too
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    i work for a vet for 6 yrs and this is one of the main causes we see people getting pets and know nothing about the breed or anything and just got it then dont want them anymore when they find out how big they will get or how much it will cost just to get them vaccines for the 1st year and all i understand ur frustration

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