Vaccination questions (puppy)?

I just got a 5 month old Bull Terrier puppy.

I'm always confused on when a puppy is considered UTD. So here are the vaccinations that he has had:

He was born May 4th

6/18/09--distemper, adenovirus 2, parainfluenza, parvovirus, caronavirus

7/14/09 --same as above, minus the caronavirus


**I just want to make sure he can go to petstores and dog parks without getting sick. He will be getting his rabies asap.


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    He has had 3 sets of DHPP vaccines that is all he needs until 8/4/10 and then he needs a booster and then not again for 3 years.

    The only vaccine he now needs is his rabies. Once he has that he'll need a booster a year later.

    A puppy/dog should never get a coronavirus vaccine.These are not recommended any more and are needless. As far as lepto this is not recommended for all dogs/puppies unless at high risk of exposure. Lepto has a very high rate of seriosu reaction especially in toy/small breeds and breeds such as Great Danes.

    Bordatella (kennel cough) is not necassary either unless you plan on boarding or taking your dog to a groomer that requires it. Bordatella vaccine doesn't prevent KC and it only "helps" with 2-3 strains out of 32+. It will not prevent your dog from getting KC and it will not shorten the duration of the illness if your dog comes down with it.

    Source(s): vet tech for 37 years, just completed refresher course in Immunology May 2009,Vaccine Seminar June 2009,Dr Jean Dodds, Dr Ron Schultz, Dr Bob Rogers, Dr Richard Ford, AAHA/AVMA, all 27 vet schools
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    one million. It all is determined by wherein you get him from. Hopefully, the earlier proprietor could have well shot files for you. I might take him within the first week or so. If he is a tender dog they're very at risk of catching matters and can want their vaccinations. two. The rate varies. Here at my vet my dogs vaccinations have been $23 greenbacks. That additionally integrated an examination. She needed to have 3 over a direction of a couple of weeks in order that was once approximately $sixty nine all in combination for all 3 of them. It's relatively to not dangerous. Again despite the fact that each and every vet is distinctive. Make definite you discover a well vet. It's very predominant. Make definite each you and your puppy like them and get well vibes from them. you do not desire a vet that turns out unfriendly. three. I supply my dog baths two times a month. She like to play and get into matters so it is a ought to. When I first received her she was once eight weeks ancient and I gave her a tub approximately 2 weeks after I had her. My vet says she's good sorted so I do not wager I did whatever flawed. four. You must most likely wait to get to grasp your dog somewhat earlier than you title him. You desire anything that fits his persona. A lot of persons feel that's loopy to feel that it is that predominant however I feel that it is vitally predominant. Trust me while you begin interacting with him it is going to come to you. If you get caught despite the fact that and now have a few challenge listed below are a few ideas. Arthur, Buster, Mack, Fin, Sammy, Zonto, Chief, Ajax, Asher ect. Good good fortune with the brand new addition.

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    Three sets of shots is usually the norm. The usualy schedule is 6-8 weeks, 12 weeks, and then the last round at 16 weeks. Rabies at around 6 months, and then at a year you can re-vacinate, although most people are waiting even longer then that (no need to over vacinate),

    The first set of shots could of technically covered him. The only reason they booster puppy shots is because the antibodies received from the mother's colostrum (first milk) react with any vacination given, and render said vacination useless. In some puppies, the mother's antibodies die out around 6-8 weeks old. Therefor, an 8 week old puppy would be defensless without the vacinations. In some puppys, the mother's antibodies stick around until 16 weeks +. Shots given at 8 and 12 weeks would be useless, because those antibodies would of rejected them. That's why they give them in three rounds, just to be on the safe side for almost every situation.

    Since the last set of shots was at 12 weeks, you CAN go in and have another round, just to be safe. However, I am a strong believer that we already over-vacinate enough as it is (the reason most shots have changed from yearly to every 3 years). IMHO, aside from rabies, your pup is fine until about a year old.

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    You may also want to get the bordatella vaccination. It protects against kennel cough. It's an annual vaccination and is a good idea if you ever board your dog because boarding facilities require it.. at least in Arizona.

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    Once your puppy has has its' third set of shots he should be good to go and socialize with other dogs in a pet store or dog park. I would ask your vet about kennel cough vaccine, as kennel cough is very contagious.

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    He should have one more DHLPPC. He can also have a bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine. It would probably be a good idea if he's going to be around other dogs.

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    he needs four sets of the parvorus distemper shot, when he turned 6weeks old, he needed the first one, a month after that he needs his second one, a month after that, a third one and a month after that a fourth and final one, then the rabies shots,

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    There are still a lot of vaccinations your dog can have. Here's more info:

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    He should be okay for short visits. I wouldn't advise dog parks though.

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    I want pictures(:!

    Whats the little guy's name ?


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