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I realllyyy REALLYY want to loose weight. Anyone help?

Ok, well i am 11 years old, gunna be 12 in December. I weight about 110 pounds!!! I REALLY WANT TO LOOSE SOME WEIGHT!!! i would like to weigh about 90. anyways, I have really LARGE thighs, and it run in the ya know. I also have some extra baggage on my stomach and can i get rid of those?? For P.E we have 12 Min to run laps. I run 8, and 10-9 is an A for girls. so i get a B. Help!!


Uhm, Excuse me ma'am, but im sorry i dont take the time to spell correctly. Im in honors classes thank you very much.

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    Look i use to weigh 220lbs and now i am 165 i am happy how i look and everything. The way to accomplish it is having a healthy diet meaning try to eat white meats like fish chicken and so on try to avoid beef and pork. The reason is red meat is harder to digest. Also drink lots of high fiber foods or snacks or if not buy fiber powder itseld its only like 20 dollars. And last but no least exercise atleast an hour a day you can jumprope go play a sport or simply run. Since u only want to loose 20 pounds it will probably take u a month to 2. A healthy weight to loose is 3-5 a week. Also make sure u get all ur vitamins and nutrients as in protein carbs fats calsium and so on. .....So good luk hope this helps

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    Ok so forget what anyone says about dieting, b/c they don't work. you need to make a lifestyle change.

    I recently lost 61lbs (and counting) and I still eat whatever I want, I just limit my portions a little.

    Soda is soooooo good, but sooooo bad for you. If you drink it, stop.

    I don't know about you, but I used to drink pretty much everything, but water...the sodas, and sugary juices, etc. They have so much sugar that I was drinking more calories than I should have been eating in a day or 2 or 3.

    eating more actually does boost your metabolism. Sounds crazy, right?

    You are awesome for asking this at such a young age b/c I really wish I would have.

    Have you tried laying on your back and doing a bicycle in the air? Or leg lifts?

    Also, have you ever tried a dancing tape like dancing with the stars? (I got it used for a few bucks) It sounds stupid I know, but it's a lot of fun and you can lock your bedroom door and turn the tape on. You'd be surprised how much of a workout it is.

    I can't live without my body ball (those over-sized looking kick balls)! You can do sit-ups, push, leg lifts, even sit on it and use little weights or 2 liters of soda that you don't drink anymore :)

    Anyway, if you want to talk more, add me and I'll be more than happy to help you. Biggest thing is believing in yourself. Good Luck ; )

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    Excess weight or obesity is by far the number one health concern in this country.

    Sixty percent of Americans are either overweight or obese, including over 20 percent of teenagers.

    All are at risk for serious physical and emotional health problems.

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    You don't need to lose weight.

    Concentrate more on your grades.

    Predominately, your English grade.

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