Sperm Banks...............?

Hi, I'm just curious what peoples takes on using a sperm bank to conceive a child are. Would you ever use a sperm bank, if it was your absolute last option, other than adoption?

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    Yes. We are accually just starting the process right now and starting our first IUI with donor sperm in December. Its a persional decision. My husband is steril and we have both agreed we want me to carry a child, with his sperm or not, its still gonna be our child. He is the one that chose the donor, and we are both super excited..

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    My friend is currently pregnant with her second sperm donor baby. Her reason for using a sperm donor was due to blood incompatibility. Any RH positive baby she would have would be either stillborn or born very sick. She chose a donor who was willing to be contacted later because children of sperm donors have many of the same issues that adopted kids have or even kids born in single mother families (who is my father?). She is currently in a relationship, but had already embarked on this option before she met him. He's fine with it.

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