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How do you keep music playing in itouch apps?

How would you keep your music playing in itouch apps such as pocket god or textfree?? Thanks!! ;D

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    Depends on the app. I know for a fact Pocket God does not allow any music in the background while it's running. Sucks I know. It's the only thing I don't like about my iPod touch.

    Unless you jailbreak it, you will have to deal with it. I haven't jailbroken mine but I wouldn't really recommend it. It's risky since the warranty will be voided.

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    You might want to jailbreak your itouch and download an application called backgrounder thru cydia.

    Backgrounder will let an application run while doing anything else..

    ie. you can use pandora and exit out of the program to read an email or something..

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    interior the experience that your apps have been on your ipod they might desire to bypass into the created library with the account. study on the sync website to make particular you checked off each and each little ingredient you decide directly to sync.

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    after the music stops playing..

    'click the home button twice.. (repeatedly)

    and then click play.

    it should work.. without exiting the app

    help me.

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    go into settings and pick your app then turn off the sound

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