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i dont like living at home, but im not old enough to be emancipated...? what do i do...? help please.?

i dont like going home.

i hate going home actually. school is my favorite place right now.

i want to live somewhere else where all my problems will just go away.

i cant stand my parents, and i wanna get out.

but im not 16 yet so i cant get emancipated and my parents wont let me move in with my friend...i still want to go to my scool, but i just dont know what to do...i hate going home so much i have considered running away and even though of suicide... i would never do it but its scary that im thinking about it, and about how much easier everything would be... idk, i just hate my home life right now, and i want to get out, just dont know how.

help please?

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    Personally I'd go to my parents let them know whats going on an give them the satisfaction of being a parent and ask if you could stay @ a friends for a few days if that doesnt work talk to parents of a friend let them know whats going on an if they think you are living in an unsafe enviroment maybe theyd talk some since into your parents

    But hey just a heads up every teenager goes through this same thing about that age but I was the friend who had the friend move in and that doesnt work either. I love my BEST friend that way she shortly became just a friend then we stapped talking then she started skrewing aroung with my BF to get me mad

    be careful

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    Just try going home when you have to. Like for dinner and bed. Pick up some sports at school, clubs, or after school activities. Or hang at a friends house until you have to go home. Or sit down and talk to your parents about whats going on and how you feel. If not just eat dinner then go to your room. Sorry but theres really nothing you can do right now.

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    Please visit with your pastor, school counselor or some responsible adult you trust..a relative. Please talk with someone. You'll probable find that all of this can resolved by communicating with someone much older that yourself. Above all, please make sure your parents are aware of how you feel. Getting away might sound attractive, but it really will not work at this time. Independence presents a load heavier than you could ever imagine. My prayers are with you, my friend.

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    You should listen to heavy metal, scream at your parents, go out with friends and stabb a pillow!

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    you have the same problem as me tell an adult i told my grandmother and now i know i have someone to talk to win i have problems at home

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