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I'm 17 and feeling as if I've done nothing with my life?

Academically, I'm lacking. I began my freshman year of high school with the hopes of becoming my class' valedictorian. Only a few months into high school, I completely lost sight of that dream. I failed to make the straight "A"s essential to being where I wanted to be. I would be satisfied with my position in the top percent of the class if I knew that was the best that I could do, but this is not the case.

As far as my social life goes, I have none. I spend my Friday nights alone. Sometimes I wonder if this is my parents' fault for being so strict. But I think it's my own fault. I've never been asked out by a guy, I've never kissed a guy, and I've probably never held hands with one either. I know I am ugly and I know I don't have the perfect body, but exactly how far must appearance go to be thought of once? When is personality taken into consideration? Even if a guy did ask me out, I know I'd say no, but it bothers me that nobody asks.

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    I am the exact same, except I get straight A's.

    I'm 16, and I already feel as if my whole life has passed me by.

    I feel like it's too late; maybe I think too much.

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    Wow, I'm the same way. My sisters could immediately mistake this as mine! Or part of it. I kept saying I would go out for sports in high school, but then once I started I immediately backed out. I'm currently still in high school. I seem to have some friends, but only in school. When I get home, I don't do anything 'cause I can't go anywhere. The streets are too dangerous, to my whole family, for me to go anywhere so I don't leave the house without anyone accompanying me. And that's why I just lost interest in trying to socialize. That and the fact that I'm really shy. I don't like anyone, probably won't anytime soon. Never have. I, too, would say no if I were ever in that situation, but I never had the chance to anyway. Yeah, I do also feel that I could at least have that sense of appreciation, but remember to always stay confident. You can never be ugly. Everyone has flaws, but don't put it on yourself that that's the reason. Someone will sooner or later, but you need to socialize more I guess for that to happen. Just stick in there and don't lose hope for yourself. You will succeed in life if you stay true to who you really are. I'd rather be ugly with a good personality than be beautiful with an ugly personality. I don't think I'm ugly, but not because I think I'm perfect. I don't think I'm ugly because I believe there isn't a real definition of ugly. Anything can be ugly, but it depends on how you see it. People who think you aren't worth anything must be either insecure or stupid. People have a good side and the person that can easily detect it will always stay in your heart.

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    This is weird, but I had to comment. You sound exactly like me. I'm 15 though, but I am turning 16. I have the same social life, and same feeling about myself. When it comes to school I seem to come up short in my own eyes and my father's. And boys. I'm the same way EXACTLY. I would without a doubt say no because I don't believe that I am pretty enough fo any guy, it even happened today a a car wash where I was with this girl who was holding advertising signs had guys in cars honking left and right for her, and nobody honked for me. I completely understand how you feel. And my only advice is if you don't like something do something about it. If you feel you are fat and ugly then lose weight. If you feel you have no friends try and make some (and I know its REALLY hard, I myself am a loner by nature). And when it comes to you're future, think about something- whether it s small or little, you could do for the rest of you're life without getting bored. Everyday I wake-up saying I want to be a writer, but my father see's more for me then something so simplistic and worthless, but it makes ME HAPPY! The point of life isn't to satisfy those around you but only to make you're self happy. So whether its being a Professional pastry Chief or a doctor you need to find something that's going to make it worth waking up in the morning. :) -Sara who wishes you a future of happiness :D

    Source(s): I'm in the same boat as you :) I completley understand ever word you said, maybe its how every teen feels.. Most likely not :P xD
  • Just do your best in school. Don't feel that you have to be the best, feel that you are doing your best. If you know that you can do better then DO BETTER. Going through high school I had the same problem. I did enough to satisfy everyone elses standards but not my own and I regretted it tremendously when I looked back at my grade record. As for the guy issue, I cannot give you any beauty tips better than the ones I'm sure you have heard everywhere else. There is someone that is for you and unless you give guys a chance to prove themselve to you you will never know if they are for you or not.

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    Don't worry! I was the same way. Freshman year I started slacking off a little bit and got a few C's and thought that was bad. Sophomore year I got even worse! I really started slacking and ended up with a D and some C's, which is HORRIBLE compared to if I tried. I finally just made a commitment to myself to actually try this year and, Junior year, so far I still have straight A's. So maybe just decide you want to try and don't let anything distract you.

    As for your social life, I would suggest that you start by hanging out with people and making more friends so that you aren't staying home on Friday nights. As for guys, the way I am anyway, we don't ask girl's out who we think our friends won't like. If I see a girl who is really nice and I just love her personality, the only reason I don't ask her out is because of what I think my friends might think. If she were to ask me out first I honestly would no longer care what my friends think. So I'm just saying don't worry about if guys don't ask you out, I'm sure there are a lot of guys who might like you for personality.

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    Oh my God. Please do not commit suicide! You sound so beautiful and that i might so completely be your pal. You needless to say are not grotesque cuz that checkout lady grow to be inquiring to your quantity. only attempt and be slightly greater constructive approximately your self. you're tall, not fat and have been regarded at by utilising a checkout lady. i might say your only problem is the ingesting and medicines. Now i might inform you to call that FRANK helpline for drugs, yet i'm guessing you're American cuz you suggested semester and FRANK is only for the Brits. I do propose you call a drug helpline. do not attempt quiting chilly turkey however, in case you do then your physique will crave the medicine and not be waiting to function devoid of them. this might reason only as plenty injury because of the fact the medicine themselves. I additionally think of which you would be afflicted by melancholy, it rather is a scientific subject. you are able to see a physician first however, cuz i wouldn't be precise. they're going to then provide you some pills to make you sense ok. Now i've got learnt from own adventure that as quickly as issues hit all-time low, the only place you are able to bypass is up. i've got by no skill had a boyfriend and have like 6/7 acquaintances and a pair of guy acquaintances, yet I only talk approximately taking area in those acquaintances I do have. i'm only 14 yet i know how hopeless you are able to sense sometimes, i've got by no skill felt suicidal or taken drugs, yet you get the assumption. i for my area wish you do not commit suicide, please do not. X

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    So what? You're 17.That's not particularly far along in life.

    I didn't even go to highschool, but I still managed to go to college.

    All the teenage f#kc ups I know actually turned out ok because most of them eventually realized they hadn't done anything with their life, and should.

    If you want friends, go out and make some. Pick someone interesting and start talking to them.

    Do the same if you want a boyfriend. 17 year old guys are like 14 year olds mentally. The most of them are still not man enough to approach a girl unless she talks to them first because they're dense and can't tell if she likes him or not.

    And P.S. I doubt you are ugly. Everything you see on a magazine cover is massively photoshopped. Stand next to one of those models or actresses in real life and they look like sh!t. On top of the fact that they have the same imperfections everyone else does (lines, acne, etc) the most of them look "done" as they've had their noses shaved too thin, they wear too much make up, their hair is too big and they look emaciated.

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    Just wait until youre 28 and in the same situation. When youre 18 its not that big of a deal. The rules change when you get older and not for the better.

    All I can say is, good luck in life. Some will make it and some will not.

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    ok im 17 too. just relax your life is fine your only in high school. wait till u get to college for the social life because seriously high school is just filled with drama in the so called popular group.

    and the guy problem is easy just be confident thats the main quality guys look for confidence is key without it no one will notice you. dont be shy be yourself and be confident and a guy will come.

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