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alice in wonderland...popular for Halloween?

Ive been readingg tht Alice in wonderland is gonna be real popular this year for Halloween..why?

well..i actually ask cuz..if.its true its just my lucky year...cuz.oh em g!

i got this alice in wonderland dress at a yard sale for a $...really good condition..and fits me!...any ideas?.of how to dress up.cuz i have none!!oh im 13..thought about white kind of wavy hair..headband..

oh my gosh i just typed in "alice in wonderland dress up outfit"in google..for pictures..and its exactly like this one!

but..its supposed to be an adult costume!! I DO NOT WANT TO LOOK LIKE THIS!.cuz i do.seriously dont have a body like a 13 year old..plz help me out...thx

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    wear flats etc like you said and have fun, real cute outfit, just dress it down so it will be appropriate...

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    I think the iconic Alice now is Disney's Alice and she far from dresses like that. She wears a blue dress wit a white apron over it, black bow on top of her head, white tights, and black shoes (not high heels). And of course she's blonde.

    Of course if you want a creepier Alice, try American McGee's depiction.

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    I don't know but they also have A LOT of costumes of her on too.. i wonder why, I would never think of being her.;_ylt=Aqaum...

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