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How do i control my anger?

I have anger problems, and its gotten to be a pretty big issue. when something pisses me off i get so angry anything anyone says to me is replied with an angry remark, and i shut myself away from anyone else. if anyone disturbs me when im angry they get yelled at. i know i really shouldnt be doing these things, but i cant calm down for like 30 minutes after even the smallest things.

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    see your doctor,and get him to refer you to anger managment classes.

    the fact that you know you have a problem is a great start,good luck.

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    dude that is not good. I know i will get pissed off and ill be a jerk to everyone around me. but i try to just look at what is going on then try to do the right thing. try to take a deep breath and think about ur thoughts before you go off the deep end. most things are fixable. not the end of the world.

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    dude i got the same probllem. it took me a while to figure it out but at i did was join a physical sport of some type trust me it works you get alot of the anger out idk y.

    if you cant get into a sport when something pisses you off just relize that your getting all worked up for something small. i no its hard when you are angry but try to just step back.

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