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How do you feel about Obama's decision on allowing homosexuals to serve in the military?

Do you think he should allow homosexuals to serve in the military?

Is he Just and moral in this decision for "equal rights?"


I know that there's already some secretly, but you all know that gays will express their sexual desires no matter what.

Update 2:

KOJAK:I am in fact age biased because I don't understand why any sane woman would marry someone so large of an age difference.But you do have some well thought out facts to support your biased belief.You're right in many ways,but you do contradict yourself by stating that homophobic people are portraying “anti-gay anger” when in fact,you are the one ranting about our personal “biased” opinions and calling us "jack@ss”. Whereas I’m the one that’s taking this situation quite neutrally.However,I agree that throughout history,there were definitely some brave gay soldiers but that does that make it alright for them to be gay.It is not prejudice because I am simply stating my own beliefs just like you are.I do not wish for homosexuals to be treated worse,but sometimes there’s a limit to how much impact they should bestow upon the world.I am not religious,but read what God quoted in Leviticus 20:13.

Update 3:

Kojak: Anyhow, homosexuality is the same as a rapist and pedophile; all of which have abnormal sexual So are you telling me that it’s ok to be those things? Absolutely not.

Since you were a veteran…I respect you for your effort. KUDOS TO EVERYONE WHO ANSWERED <3

Update 4:

I meant that all of which have abnormal sexual desires.

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    Obama has not made a decision on that.

    He is working on more important stuff, like getting the summer Olympics for Chicago (failed) how to handle the fame of his Noble Prize (poorly) and how to get his health care bill passed (in face of growing opposition.)

    I think the gays are out of luck for another four years.

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    there's a reason why adult men have separate showers, lavatories and residing quarters from women -- because of the actuality that of the traditional sexual allure between the genders. No subject remember how mature one is, it must be a distraction. For that equivalent reason (sexual allure, certainly at the same time as nude) the army would would desire to fastened 2 new bathe- bathroom- residing quarter sections exceptionally for gays. you may additionally defend in suggestions that our troops sign a freelance of provider for a given quantity of years. in the event that they don't only like the style new set-up, they are in a position to not leave, the terrific way you or i might distinction jobs interior the civilian international.

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    As a 30 year veteran.....a double combat veteran..... I have no problem with it at all.

    Homosexuals have long been in the military..... most have served well and honorably...... I even know a Green Beret CSM we suspected of being gay..... he paid his dues and did his job.... I could care less what he did in his personal life.....

    As to weeding out the ranks..... not much will change.... gays will still keep their personal life "personal".... most of the time, like now, you will not know if the person next to you is gay or not.

    I knew a mess sergeant who was General Eisenhowers pastry chef.... served honorably for years.....did a great job..... .No one suspected he was homosexual..... by accident he was caught with his lover by local police..... after almost twenty years of faithful and honorable service he was thrown out for his private life...... NOT for his professional conduct or the quality of his work.....

    It is not right, not fair and we are all less because of these prejudicial policies

    I do not "know that gays will express their sexual desires no matter what"..... many of the gays I have met look and act just like everyone else.... it is silly to think the military will be issuing lace panties to some and cotton briefs to others.... life will go on the same as it always has..... just without the prejudicial policies that threaten the lives and careers of patriotic gay servicemen.

    I find it interesting that all the "EXCUSES" offered for why homosexuals should not serve with straight soldiers pretty much parallel the arguments offered in the 1940's for why "blacks" should not serve with "whites"..... "It will destroy the military" "It will damage morale and unit integrity" "They are not worthy of equal treatment"

    The British allow gays to serve openly.....having "puffters" in their ranks has not destroyed the British Army.... has not kept them from fighting along side of us around the world

    All you people who feel so strongly about not allowing gays to serve......should do a little research..... not just the historical aspects (the Romans had gay legions who fought even more effectively than non-gay legions because they were gay) should research the psychology of the anti-gay movement.....find out what psychologists say is the "source" of your anti-gay anger

    I know you will not chose this as the best have already shown your prejudice......but at least the readers have been exposed to facts not bigotted bias

    Here is something else for you to be bias against.....I am 70 years old man married to a gorgeous 26 year old woman..... are you age bias too.

    MR MARINO..... Notice that the thumbs down come to those that disagree with the open bias of the person who created the question......and they come almost immediately..... one would think the "jack@ss" gets a special immediate copy of the posts...... who do you think the "jack@ss" is ....hmmmmmmmmm

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    There is a reason why men have separate showers, bathrooms and living quarters from women -- because of the natural sexual attraction between the genders. No matter how mature one is, it would be a distraction.

    For that same reason (sexual attraction, especially when nude) the military would need to set up two new shower- bathroom- living quarter sections specifically for gays.

    You should also keep in mind that our troops sign a contract of service for a given number of years. If they don't like the new set-up, they can't leave, the way you or I could change jobs in the civilian world.

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    Homosexuals already serve in the military. Our current policy forces them to lie about their sexual preference. Do you think encouraging the men and women of our armed forces to be dishonest is just and moral?

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    Gay people have been allowed to serve for a very long time....You missed the Clinton administration.

    Doesn't bother me a bit.

    Note to Fred: 1. If you are fighting, odds are "he" is fighting also, and 2. Are you that good looking? If so, post a better picture.

    Note to Freedom: If you pull out your copy of your DD Form 4; page 2 states that Congress may change laws that affect you without your consent or notice to you.

    Source(s): AD AF - Just because I'm on a diet, doesn't mean I can't look at the menu; Fred I'm still waiting for that picture. . . .
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    He didn't allow anything. Homosexual's have been in the military for a long time, you're just not supposed to talk about it. Don't ask, Don't tell. All that hes wanting is to let everyone know that person is gay so they can get picked on. That's why that rule is set up, so the jerks who hate gay people and want to punish them for being gay, don't even know they are. It stops a lot of problems for homosexual's in the military.

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    I believe that they already do serve. Was it not Clinton that liberalized the policy? That was some time ago.

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    What's the big deal? There are lots of gays in the military, always has been. If you kicked them all out, you would have to bring back the draft to replace them.

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    Guess what folks? Surprise, he lied! I know many of you will find that hard to believe, but he lied. Obama's just trying to win back his kook base. They're ticked because he didn't follow through on his campaign promises. Oh, another surprise!

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