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Why can't I get over him?

Last year I had a really big crush on a guy at work he used to tease me all the time. every time I would talk to another guy he would always say that they are going to stand me up and that their numbers are not real .He wouldn't tease the other girls just me . I never did anything to him He used to wink and smile at me a lot also. He left the job back in february he still comes in once in a while he still teases me a lot to. I thought I was over him but there is a small part of me that likes him a little. Why is this guy still on my mind after all this time? is this the guy i'm going to end up with?

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    Sometimes, you can't get over a guy because:

    -At times you feel like hes the one

    -Your one of those people (like me) who sticks with one guy too long, and doesn't want to let go.

    And this man teases you because he likes you. I have many people who flirt like that. I wouldn't recommend thinking that this is the one for you. I think he just wants to get into your pants. There might be a 40% you date him but Very small chance you will have a serious relationship.

    Hope this helps


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