so the other day, i walked into this bar....?

I walk up to the bar, and there's a horse at the bar, with a man standing next to him, and a jar of money on the bar.

I ask what the jar is for, the man tells me"well, you put a five dollar bill in the jar there, and the first person that can make my horse to laugh gets the money in the jar.

So I say "hmm, that sounds easy enough" , and put my 5 in the jar, I lean over and whisper something into the horses ear, and the horse falls down on the ground laughing.

Shocked the man gathers up the money out of the jar and hands it over to me, and I leave.

The next day, I came back in and see the man, the horse, and the jar, this time full of 10's. I walk over and say, "hey, i want to make the horse to laugh again"

The guy says "no, this time you have to make the horse cry"

"no problem" I say, and put my 10 in the jar and take the horse into the bathroom. Seconds later, I walk out smiling smuggly and the horse come out bawlin his eyes out.....

again, the man collects the money out of the jar and hands it to me, and asks"tell me, how did you make him laugh....and then cry"

"well, yesterday i whispered in his ear that my (junk) is bigger than his,, i took him in the mens room and showed him"

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