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how can i get to baguio, if i came from manila?

most of the main roads are either destroyed or blocked,,,,so is there any other way?

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    It is not just most, but ALL 4 land routes (Kennon, Naguilian, Marcos, Ambuklao) to Baguio are presently closed due to landslides.

    Access right now is only by air. Asian Spirit services the Baguio route.

    EDIT: Just finished watching news. Kennon road will be open to traffic tomorrow, October 12 on a one-way basis. Outward traffic from Baguio in the mornings, up to 12 noon. And inward traffic only from 12 noon to 6pm. Closed in the evenings for more repair work.

    In fact, they opened it today (October 11) but prioritized transport of trucks carrying fuel, relief goods, and basic commodities to avert food and fuel shortage).

    Source(s): TV and newspapers
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    ride the buses going there where they have access the most while the roads are blocked and impassable for land vehicles then walk till the other end where other vehicles going to baguio or the most accessible area they can reach. Ride, walk, ride, walk.

    You can take the planes when the sky is not foggy,

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    By Plane!

    Roads are still very dangerous to travel by now!

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    you ride a bus, if the roads are blocked, they will tell you.

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