do pet groomers use tranqulizers or setatives?

i took my shih tzu to the groomers today and she is very good for them but if we try to groom her or anything of that manner she goes crazy, she is a very hyper dog and she is very bouncy but when we brought her home today she just wasnt herself at all, she acts all sad and depressed! do pet groomers use a setative or a tranqulizer to calm the animals down so they dont missbehave or anything? is there anything i should worry about when taking my dog to the groomers??? thank you so much in advance!

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    Tranquilizers and sedatives have to be prescribed by a vet. They can't use these drugs without a vet. giving it to them. So the answer is they better not be using any drugs to control your dog. I am a vet. tech. and in our clinic we have a groom shop. Our groomers don't need sedatives often, but if there is a dog that is biting or totally uncontrollable then they tell me and I call the owners and ask if it is okay. Then if they say it is okay I inform the vet that the dog is being a problem for the groomers and the owner is okay with the use of sedatives. Then I pull the chart and he checks to make sure there are no drug allergies and then he gives them something to calm them down. But we never send the animal home until it is fully awake. After the groomers are done with the dog, they bring it to the hospital and we keep it with us until it is completely awake and then call the owners to tell them that it is ready to go home. It usually takes a few hours for the drug to wear off completely. We don't usually completely knock the dog out, when grooming most the time the most that is needed is a low dose tranquilizer (such as Acepromazine). The dog is not totally asleep they are just very relaxed.

    So the answer is no they should not be using a tranquilizer without the supervision of a vet. And you should call and ask them. And if necessary go to a different groomer.

    It is illegal to use tranquilzers without a prescription. And dangerous. If too much is given it can cause problems and if there is an underlying heart defect tranquilzers can cause heart failure. And there is always the possibility of an allergic reaction.

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    If you took your dog to a regular groomer than no they probably didn't sedate her. Sedatives for animals can only be prescribed by a veterinarian. Some groomers that are inside a veterinary office will use sedatives, but only with your express written permission prior to giving them the medication.

    My guess for your dogs behavior is that she is probably very tired from a day of being over-stimulated. Many dogs that are brought to the groomer get over-excited about 1. being away from home 2. being around other dogs 3. being in a cage that they are not used to. After barking, or pacing or just being anxious or excited for a long period of time she is bound to be tired.

    P.S. As a veterinary professional I can tell you that many dogs that don't behave for their owners to do even a simple nail trim are great for us simply because we know how to restrain them properly and know exactly what we are doing. Also, unless it is a major problem (i.e. your dog bit someone, was really anxious, etc.) many times we won't tell the owner about slight "missteps" in the dog's behavior because it is normal for dogs to misbehave slightly in a new environment.

    If your concerned call the groomer and ask them how she was acting during the groom.

    If all else fails try another groomer.There are of course bad groomers that will do something without your permission, but that's the exception rather than the rule. If she still comes back tired at least you'll know for sure that it's just overexcitement.

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    most groomers do dont give sedatives the owner usually gets them from a vet and then give it befor the grooming and groomers at a vet office usually call to ok it with the owner if they think a sedative is needed i would keep an eye on the dog it could just have been tiered or worn out if it was hyper there and seen other dogs and was barking or bouncing around in a kennel while drying but if ur dog dont start acting right i would take it to the vet and have it checked because sometimes dogs can get sick after grooming with such things as bordatella / kennel cough or the canine flue or even upper respitories which are air born diseases and they can make the pet act lethargic and all good luck i hope the pup gets back to normal soon

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    Some groomers do, but usually on request. Seeming as you didn't say they could, you should probably ask them if they did and make sure they don't next time :)

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