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Kingman Arizona Question?

My son wants to move to Kingman with his dad. He said that he can get hired at some company called Cantex?? Can anyone tell me anything about this company? Is it a reputable place? What is the pay like? What is the area like? He just turned 18. Thanks

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    I'm a native to AZ. The only time I have been to Kingman was when I stop there when traveling to Las Vegas. Seriously it's kinda well not my choice. Seemed like many white trash. They have a run down dirty Wal-Mart there. Some ma pa restaurants. We go to the Mickey D's. I think maybe a Carl's Jr too. I'm going off memory. I know we have Centex Homes in AZ. Cantex IDK. Centex Homes is a big repetible company

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    My husband grew up there, his family still resides there. I have lived in the city my whole life (AZ) - I see Kingman as a po-dunk town. It's an old mining settlement....not sure of the population. Maybe 200,000? It's hot, gets minimal snow fall & has a JC Penney's - LOL! There's no mall.

    I've never heard of Cantex. But I haven't heard of a lot in Kingman because I shut my ears. Went to Chloride (nearby town) & it felt like Deliverance. :P But remember, I'm a city girl.

    I'd research Cantex online....& if things don't work out he can always come home to you, right? Let him try it - chances are life w/ mom might be preferable. ;)

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    Try posting your questions on this message board

    for more adult responses. A lot of kids are on here and they often give flip answers or make things up just to get points for responding.

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