Who should I drop for Michael Bush for my fantasy football team?

Alright, I know that my team isn't that good, but my computer wasn't working right during the draft, so it autopicked some of my picks, so I had to really rely heavily on free agency to back my team up. It's a 10 man league, and it's standard ESPN rules. This is how my teams looking for tomorrow:


Brett Favre (Usually my backup. Hoping to score big on a weak Seattle Defense.)

Thomas Jones ( I don't really like his production so far. AND he's playing the number one run defense tomorrow.)

Tashard Choice (I like Choice since Marion Barber is still questionable I heard, and he's running against the Chiefs. I'm not sure about his long term usefullness once Barber is back though.)

DeSean Jackson (Playing against a weak passing Defense.)

Hines Ward (Playing against a weak passing Defense.)

Pierre Garcon (Playing against a weak passing Defense.)

Heath Miller (Playing against a weak passing Defense.)

49ers D/ST (I like the Niners D against the Falcons, even though the Jets D against Miami and Chad Henne looks good.)

Neil Rackers (Free Agent Kicker. Plan on releasing him after this game once Nate Kaeding is back.)


Matt Forte (BYE Week, usually my starter.)

LT (BYE Week too, I'm trying to trade him in my league.)

Philip Rivers (Originally my starting QB, but he's on BYE this week.)

Jets D/ST (I like the Jets D.)

Nate Kaeding (I like Nate Kaeding. My startng kicker, but this week, he's on BYE)

Broncos D/ST (Just picked them up from free agency, but I don't want to bet them against the Patriots.)

Mohamed Massaquoi (Best receiver left from free agency. Plus, since Braylon Edwards is gone, he's the number one reciever now. I'm not fully convinced on him yet, but I had to make sure I had him in case he starts to produce.)

And thats my team. I know that it's not a good team. My computer screwed up, and I ended up having around 4 picks on autodraft, so I couldnt pick the team that I wanted. Anyway, I wanted to pick Micheal Bush up from free agency, but I don't know who to drop. I like Bush facing off against the Giants. I know Giants have the best Defense in the league, but they actually allow i think around 117 rushing yards per game, and I think I would rather take my chance with Michael Bush against the Giants Defense allowing 117 rushing yards per game than trust Thomas Jones against the Dolphines Defense allowing just 77 rushing yards per game. I'm not sure if those numbers are exact, but I know they're close. I know my teams looking bad. I know that I have 3 defences, but I like all three. Who should I drop for Bush? I know people dont trust the Raiders, but I really like Bush.


Alright, I think I've made my mind. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to drop Nate Kaeding and just probably keep Neil Rackers. I'm still not sure yet. And I'm wondering whether or not to start Massaqioua.

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    Matt Forte

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    5 years ago

    Neither. I generally just ride out my kicker's bye week. But, to answer your question. I'd definitely pick up Mason Crosby (horrible miss the other day aside, he's got a leg that usually gets big long 4 instead of 3 point kicks). As for who to drop. I think that if you dropped either you wouldn't regret it. Greene is on the way out, heck, the whole Jets team can't do anything. The only reason to keep him is if the Jets put in Tebow Greene might be rejuvenated in that offense. Bush, he's just a performer that goes up and down now, or at least that's how it seems, and, you're right, Forte is back, so.... I'd give a little edge to Greene since he's at least the 'starter' in name, and drop Bush for Crosby.

  • Drop Nate Kaeding or Broncos D. If everyone in your league already has a D or kicker then they won't pick em up and you can get them back at the end of the week or leave em and keep Micheal Bush.

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    The Bronco's D is solid, but a good fantasy D needs more than that. The most sacks usually gets the fantasy points.

    Drop the Bronco's D or if you have any broncos fans in the league, try to add that into the LT trade offers.

    3 defenses is simply too many, especially when you have 2 solid ones. just have to let other guys get some decent defenses too. ;)

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    dont drop forte or jones. They are good player and get decent fantasy points. Forte will come around. I would drop kaeding because hes only a kicker and they all get similar points. Youre team is actually pretty solid.

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    hey drop Kaeding, nobody cares about the kickers in fantasy, you find always a good kicker in the FA market. im sure when you drop Keading, he is going to be in the FA for weeks.

    Dont drop the D's, you got the two's best in the league right now in the nfl.

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    Drop DEN defense. They're not as good as they are lucky. While they have to play vs KC/OAK a couple times the rest of the year, they also have to play a couple vs SD, and the NFC East - WASH, DAL, NYG, PHIL. That's 6 more losses the second half of the season.

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    thomas jones

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