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wat do u guys look for in a girl..??(guys only)?

guys wat type of girls do you like an wat do you want them to look like..??

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    like i know u asked for guys opinion but i will give u my 2 cents to help out

    like guys like me cause i'm popular in my school, very pretty, and like very talkative but they just don't like me for that. they also like that i get along with my teachers and that i'm like really nice. like i love to help people ( like how i help u now)

    so like just be nice and BE YOURSELF. don't change for any guy. and like don't depend on ur just ur beauty (if u even have beauty), be more than that.

  • Adam
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    1 decade ago

    I like a challenge, and as long as you are not a total swamp monster, I have no problem dating you

    Source(s): Know shy girls? Help me out;_ylt=AizLi...
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