Question concerning my little girl!?

My 22 month old daughter has a fever of almost 105F with no other symptoms...

She was sick about a week ago but that has cleared up. She is not teething.. What could this be?

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    If you do take her to the ER (which I think you probably should,) they will probably give you the standard, "Oh, it is just a virus." And may even Rx some antibiotics but I would go in just to be certain there is not a larger issue.

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    If her fever came on really suddenly, it could be roseola.

    If you're sure you're temping her right, do everything you can to keep her fever down and take her into the ER or doctor if you can't keep it down to under 103. I know she'll kick up a fuss, but wet some wash cloths with cold water and apply those to her back (especially lower back), forehead, and the back of her neck. Re-wet them as they get warm. Alternate ibuprofen and acetaminophen (Motrin and Tylenol), keep her drinking something (even ice chips are okay), and see if you can keep her temp down a bit so you don't have to take her in, or until you can take her in.

    Edit: If you decide to take her to the ER, take some way for you to keep her fever even slightly under control while you're there. A couple of wash cloths and a big bottle of water, or something. That way you can do something if you have to wait to be seen. (Sitting with a sick and miserable toddler in the ER can be even more miserable if they can't see you right away.)

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    she may have an ear infection that was caused by the teething that hasnt cleared up. But 105 at that age, you should really have her at the ER asap...then follow up with the pediatrician. That temp is way to high to be playing the guessing game on yahoo answers.

    Good luck

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    A fever at 105 is dangerous. Go to the ER.

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    I am not sure. :( Anything above 103 in an infant/toddler 6+ months in age does warrant a trip to the ER, though. Even with no other symptoms I would be taking her in, or at the very least phoning an urgent care line and asking their advice.

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    Is she acting normal? I would be surprised if she really had no other symptoms...maybe she doesn't have the words to explain how awful she feels. I was told 105 would be suspicious for swine flu. Take her immediately.

  • 1 decade ago

    Take her to the ER NOW! Temps over 104 can cause seizures. I wouldn't wait around... it can be life threatening.

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    Yikes, 105! that means ER time. sound like maybe an ear infection to me.

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    1 decade ago

    I agree with the above poster.

    105? Take her to the hospital!

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