Is the website legit?

The prices for some of their products are really low, and I can't find out too much about the company. Is this website a scam or for real?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I don't think it is... I've been monitoring how their system works. Though they say that they do Amazon Payments. They actually have a link which makes you put the money on an Amazon Gift Card. Then they want you to transfer that information to them. This seems like an obvious scam. There's no actual payment system to pay with credit card. If you fall for this and you are cheated out of your money, you're not going to be able to claim through Amazon nor your credit card company as you will have made a legitimate payment through Amazon and then given that gift-card away. The prices seem way too good to be true.... The company is located in Japan, and the site doesn't even seem to be done professionally.

    Looking at other "Answers & Reviews" All the dates are from 10/8/2009, 10/9/2009 and 10/10/2009. Looking at the references I provided, if you look at positive reviews they are all from within these past 3 days.

    Another thing is that there are no reviews from before this. Also, if you look at the members since dates, aside from the people asking questions, the ones giving + reviews are members since the dates listed above including the Laborc guy that listed his answer here... Someone is definitely done a decent job to fool you, but there are definitely many mistakes.

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