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what is the promotion timetable like for infantrymen in the army?

i ship out to fort benning, on jan. 19, for mos 11x. i should be starting basic as a private/e-2. when could i get promoted again? or what is the length i have to wait in between promotions?

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    2 years of time in service you can be a Specialist as long as you keep your head on straight and don't get into trouble, any retard can become an E4, you want to strive to become an NCO

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    Depends on you. How hooah are you? Do you know your ssssht? Do you display team leader skills?

    No lie, I knew guys that came to my company 2 months before be deployed to iraq on our 15 month deployemnt, and like 2 months after we got back they were already pinned E5.

    It has a lot to do with sqd/platoon sgts, how much they favor you and ultimatley your decision to reenlist,

    I was 11bravo too, also are you maxing your pt test?

    E1-E4 promotions usually come from maxing pt test, and knowing your field manuals etc, in the infantry world its good to be extra hooah, that means being extra alert and running when your called, kissing assp and readily willing to kill anything within a moments notice. You have to stand out from the other "joes" and establish your dominence that's what its all about, being a leader, you should always be able to do the person above you's job.

    Good luck on becoming a grunt, say hello to sand hill for me.....

    Oh and basic is actually easier than than your actual unit in my opinion...

    Good luck freezing on those ftx's, it gets super hot to tho, you'll be ok tho, you'll look back and never forget that journey.

    Ps, thumbs down the p.o.g.'S, if u kno what they are.

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    promotions are after camp u can get promoted to spc quite easy as long as ur qualified for it and ur co approves it so just do ur best in doin ur job normal period is like a year and a half to be prmoted but if u do good theyl promote u as soon as they want

  • Im not sure but may i say good luck on your Military career hopefully i shall soon be in the U.S. army.

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