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sign of losing my mucus plug?

i just got out of the shower and dried all off. while i was getting dressed i heard a loud sucking sound that was about 10 mins ago i dont see any bloody show but i have been having a lot of snoty clear discharge lately...

could my mucus plug just detached and not came out yet?


i am 31 weeks 2 days

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    I have been haveing alot of snoty clear discharge as well the last few days, and am 38 weeks. It could be awhile but you might be dialating a little. Some woman can be dialetd for weeks to months without knowing. If there is any blood go to the hospital right away, but if it stays clear and you have no contractions it could be just your body starting to prepare itself. As for the sucking noise, Im not sure what that could be. You wont hear anything when your mucus plug detaches, its sneaky and silent.

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    your mucus plug will be like large amounts of ewcm you should have your doc check you monday I lost mine over a 2 week period at 24-26 weeks then went into labor good luck

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