How do I get out of the BEST FRIEND zone with a girl?

Okay so me and my friend (gabby) have been friends for like 3 years. We used to be really close. Now were kinda distant and i was a jerk to her for a while. Now we are kinda friends again, but she kinda see's me as a brother. How do I get out of that zone?

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    1 decade ago
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    I only know ONE person who's escaped the friend zone. (My old church minister) He basically saw the friend zone as a giant, walled off box. So, he went right up to his friend, now wife, and said, "Look, I've been feeling like we need to be closer than friends. I want you to break up with Bill and go out with me." (This was NOT said in a serious tone! Just a blunt statement with a smile!) She said no, but he didn't back down, he jokingly annoyed her with "you break up with bill yet?" everyday. When she did break-up with bill, he waited a few days to let her settle down. Then, showed up smiling at her door with a bouquet of flowers.

    I don't know how to change this around to your situation, but he's married and has two children with his former "friend". Good luck, I'm in the same boat!

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    Dude, i bet you she feels the same way about you and then she thought you didnt like her because you where being a jerk 2 her... not a good idea if you like a girl ,, i think you should play it cool for a while and then when you 2 are alone like watchin tv or somthin make a move on her she will be over the moon lol .. if not then she will understand it wont make things awkward :)

    hope i helped .x

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    1 decade ago

    Once in the friends zone, always in the friend zone. Sorry bro.

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