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What would it actually mean when that person said this to me?

I asked a question about a few weeks ago and i was hoping to get some good answers and then there was an troll that came by and decided to drop some stupid and dumb answers and said to me that i was as transparent as glass. What the heck did that meant ? Was it an insult to me or what ? Because English is my second language and is not my primary language, i had no idea what that meant. Could anyone please tell me what that meant ?

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    It is an insult but it doesnt really mean much other than he doesn't like you for whatever reason and needs to get a life.

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    "transparent as glass" means he could see right through you or whatever youre saying.. basically that youre full of sh*t.

    like if i were to complain and say "help all these guys want me and i try to keep them off me but they dont listen.. i really like the attention and i want to hang out with them but then we make out and they wont leave me alone!!" -->that sounds sort of like im bitching about a situation i created for myself because im such a flirtatious tease, and for someone to give me dumb answers and say that im about as "transparent as glass" would mean they think that im full of shi*t and no one's buying my story, that im really just a slut or whatever.

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    It basically means your an air head.

    And yes this would be considered an insult.

    And you have great English skills. Good Job!!!

    So I don't know why this "troll" said that, more likely he/she just answered for the two points....

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    Wow! You write like it's your first language! Better than many English speakers!

    It means that it should be obvious to you!

    However, if your language skills impede some things...maybe he was wrong!

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    He meant he could see through your facade like a fallen angel in the presence of god.

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    yes its an insult, basically said your shallow, you have no depth as a person

  • Mami
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    They said you have no depth and are cold hearted.

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    Its just another expression of "I can read you like a book" just meaning that your too predictable.

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