I feel so **** about myself :(?

I'm just sitting at home having studied literally all day its 5pm. As i was studying, i kept snacking on stuff- i had a lettuce sandwich, a manderin, three natural dinasaur lollies and my mum's ginger slice. I got up at one point and went into my parents room to go and get something and they have these massive sliding mirror doors in their room. I caught one look at myself and cried. I have a disgusting belly and big bum and i just looked soo frumpy and disgusting. Ew. then i went online like a sad little loser and typed in 'thin girls' and made myself feel so ugly as i looked at the pictures of these tiny little pretty girls. I used to get told all the time by people i was pretty but now not so much, my dad tells me to diet and my mum calls me big-bum. i want to look like these beautiful girls and yet i don't have the self-discipline to stop myself from constantly getting up and lookin in the cupboard. What the heck do i do?? ;( Please help me!

Love, thunderthighs.



62kg and im 17

Update 2:

62kg and im 17

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    How much do you weigh?

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    Girl, ignore all that BS. Don't ever wish to be like those thin, pretty girls on TV. Because they aren't real. They are all made to look like that through makeup and photoshop. Don't ever be ashamed of what you look like. I am sure you are beautiful and ignore those people who tell you otherwise. I know exactly what you feel like. I ,too, use to be quite chubby. I felt so horrible when I was 11 years old and had to buy clothes that were fit for a 16 year old. I couldn't keep from munching on snacks. I have always been taller than all the other girls and boys in my class. I have glasses. And I use to have the most horrible horrible acne ever! Like 10 zits at once! But now, I am 17 and I feel AMAZING! All the boys that use to call me ugly and eww back in Elementary and Middle, are now asking me out on dates and talking about how gorgeous I am. I am not chubby anymore. That was just puberty doing its thing. And my acne has finally gotten on control. Now I have contacts! So don't ever doubt your worth. Don't pay attention to those celebrities for those are FALSE beauties. They don't really look that beautiful or skinny for real. And even if you are a bit chubby, embrace those curves! You've got to love who you are!

    Here are sites that feature what celebrities REALLY look like:



    -http://www.dove.us/#/features/videos/default.aspx[... (Check out this video!)

    Don't they look ugly and frumpy?

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    1 decade ago

    Stomach operation which is sad at your youth. But you said you did not have the only other thing it takes.

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