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Help Me!!! Kissing help!!?

I went to homecoming today and had my first kiss, and we almost frenched... i messed it up, but he gave me kisses afterwards, and he didn't mind.... I need to know how the lips and tounge work in a french kiss.... anything!!! HELP!!

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    french kissing is weird because you're sticking your tongue in someone else mouth. its not sexy. but it does make the kissers think about sex so it comes in handy.

    well first, open your mouth and turn your head the opposite direction his head is turned. wait for his tongue to enter your mouth. once you feel it you can start to move around a bit. don't forget to breath.

    or, this is always sexy. tell your kissing partner that you've never frenched kissed before but you've always wanted to. ask them to teach you or to show you how its done. it's the whole virgin innocent thing guys jack off to. he'll love popping your french kiss cherry.

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    Don't worry, im a pro at this kinda stuff...what I do is I lean in real close to her, very slowly and start of gentle and tender. I don't even think about it, then we slowly develop into a french kiss, just do it naturaly. But I still stay tender....and it all takes off from there. (I don't mean sex, I can wait for that and so can you :3, I mean just go inside, cuddle a bit and make out.)

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    No one can really explain that to you.

    my first time frenching my boyfriend told me I was a little awkward at FIRST. just follow what the boy is doing and then you'll get the hang of it! it's really easy to catch on to.. so dont stress

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    okay well if your first kiss is just happening at homecoming thats unfortunate. eitheir give up lip contact for life cuz your bad at it. OR just......just give up.

    Source(s): The man that kissed you himself. Im his boyfriend. hayyyyyyy
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