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What is wrong with me ? Loss of hair.?

Alright so lately ive been loosing a LOT of hair.

When i comb it, and especially in the shower. And a bit when im straightening.

Could this be stress or hormones.


i am a female currently 14 years old

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    Hair loss usually occurs because of hormonal factors. As a consequence, biological events like puberty, pregnancy and menopause that effect female hormone levels can also cause female hair loss. In the case of pregnancy, hair loss is simply a consequence of the stress the body undergoes during labor and should stop approximately 6 months after birth. Discontinuation of taking birth control pills can also cause temporary female hair loss.

    The most common type of female hair loss is androgenetic alopecia or female-pattern baldness. This type of hair loss is associated with hair thinning predominantly over the sides and top of the head. Female hair loss affects about one-third of all susceptible women and usually onsets after menopause although it can begin earlier.

    Other causes of female hair loss include dieting. Rapid weight loss over a short period of time promotes hair loss and some supplements such as excessive vitamin A also contribute to hair loss. Physical and emotional stress can cause hair loss but this usually only occurs when the trauma is excessive and of a long duration. Everyday stress does not promote hair loss.

    Some common myths related to female hair loss are that frequent washing and shampooing, and wearing of wigs and hats all cause hair loss. In addition, rumors abound that permanents, coloring, and other cosmetic treatments can cause permanent hair loss. Other myths are that brushing your hair everyday will create healthier hair, that shaving your head will cause hair to grow back thicker, and that stress causes permanent hair loss. Finally, other myths are that there is a cure for female-pattern baldness and that dandruff causes permanent hair loss.

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    Some of the reasons for hair loss are lack of oiling, stress, nutritional deficiency, acute illness, hormonal imbalance, anemia, medication, ironing, excessive hair perming, coloring, thyroid, birth control pills or mineral deficiency. Try for more details.

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    It could be either. Questions: are you a boy or a girl? How old are you?

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    i had that issue two years ago.. it was because of polycystic ovarian syndrome. i'm improving A LOT.

    Source(s): personal experience
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    1 decade ago

    same problem. i went to the doc and they took blood. its lack of vitamin D. help me ?;_ylt=Apbr8...

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