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How do you say 10th or The 10th in japanese?

Well we know how to say it but more so how would you write it in romanji? My husband and I were watching an anime called Katekyou Hitman Reborn and a character in there calls the other 'The 10th' and it starts with a J. It's like juudaine or something like that.

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    Hinata is right in this instance. I love KHR and Gokudera calls Tsuna Juudaime. He'd also be the Decimo Vongola in Italian.

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    Tenth In Japanese

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    I agree with Hinata and Amanda G; it's 十代目 Juudaime.

    Can't be anything else if it's about Katekyou Hitman Reborn.


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    Japanese numbers are followed by a measure/counter word.

    10th can be normally translated as juu-banme(10番目) or dai-juu(第10) but also can be juu/ju + measure word such as:

    juu-ninme(10人目) = the 10th person

    juu-daime(10代目) = the 10th generation

    juu-daime(10台目) = the 10th car or etc.

    jussatsume(10冊目) = the 10th volume - books and such

    jukkai(10階) = the 10 th floor

    Ref. for Japanese counter word:

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    I don't really get this question. ten is juu dai is sometimes used to indicate the order daijuume could be the tenth, I think. I would like to double check it... 第十目  dai here makes 10 tenth and me is a counter for things in biological order and something else I cannot remember Anyhow, I am guessing that that is what it is.

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    You're very close. It's Juudaimei. It means 'The 10th' in Japanese.

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    I believe it is juubunnoichi

    pronounced joo- boon- no -ee- ch- ee

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