Question about kingdom hearts 2?

I am at the part when im refight demyx at hollow bastion and i cant figure out how to beat him. this is my second time playing the game and i cant beat him no matte what i try. are there any tips on how to beat him?

I am about a lvl 30 i believe

I have all the drive levels but i can only go up to 4

my mp is about 5 i think

and i have about 5 potions/hi potions in all

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    I remember this was a tough battle...I would stay a close but also not too close to him..When he shoots a line of water, move out of the way and if your close enough should be able to land a combo or two on him..When bubbles come down, just continuously run around to dodge them(although i may be incorrect about this because its been a year or two) when he starts running toward you, continually press triangle because this is a reaction command, When he starts for the big combo( with walls of water and starts to hit you with his guitar, etc.), just try to stay away and not be hit. When he calls on the water things, make sure and destroy them all or else the battle automatically ends. I hope this helps :)

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    well first u have to beat all the water clones before you can actually start hurting demyx. i suggest using that one limit ability where sora and goofy throw their weapons at the enemy and the goofy turns into a rocket. that move will do soo much damage that it will make fight a breeze.

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    Your priority should be eliminating any and all water forms he summons, because if you don't defeat them all within a certain amount of time it results in an automatic game over.

    Other than that just focus on damaging him and watch your health.

  • 1 decade ago

    be at lvl 35-40 atleast, and use the Last Drive skill that is the best.. and u will beat him down in notime

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