Is there a software that can measure the facial dimensions of a green card lottery picture?

Basically I need to make sure that the face occupies about 50% to 69% of my entire electronic passport picture in length. But I am not sure if it does. It's a little close. Is there a program that can let me know that digitally?


Thanks. That's what I did, but the photographer messed me up. Had to crop it and now the facial dimensions are really close if I measure it by hand. Wanted to know if it still works.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    As long as your face takes up at least 50 percent of the photo area you are OK. If it is takes up more than 50 percent that is good too. If your face is smaller than 50 percent of the photo retake it.

    There is a photo validator on line when you submit your application. If the photo passes the validator I believe that means it is fine. See attached article for details about applying for a free chance to win a green card.

  • 1 decade ago

    Since it is only length, all you have to do is hold a ruler up against the screen. Other methods are to load the picture in to editing software and get the pixel size, then crop the picture (without saving it) to just the top and bottom of the face and get the pixels of that and divide the latter by the former. There is also a program called Screen Calipers that I use for proportionate figuring on images. The free version is ok, the money version does calculations for you

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