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theres this girl....?

ok so theres this girl. last year i told her a liked her. 1 year on she acts flirty and shy sometime. but last night she was with her best friend and whilst talkin she just asked "so who do you fancy?". i didnt want to say the girl there because they might be asking to see if i still do and have a joke about it. so i made up someone and told them i like them. do you think she asked me who i like because she likes me? is it because she wants to have a joke with her friend? and is saying i like someone else the wrong thing to say? PLEASE ANSWER :)


my mate says that she stares at me from accross a room and give obvious signs she likes me.

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    well it all depends on the type of girl that she is. If she isn't all that outgoing then maybe she just wanted to know if u still fancied her. However, your answer was neither good or bad. You never know if she was trying to play a joke on you therefore it was a safe answer.

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    You should have said "I fancy you baby girl!" and play it off like it was a joke. That might make her come back for more serious questions later and could have sparked a relationship between you and her.

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    yes i think it was the wrong thing to say, but your smart and you will just have to work a bit harder to get her. when she asked you the question she was trying to get a better answer. if you like her then you better start romancing her, i think most of us guys make the same or something like that mistake. soo you have work to do, good luck.

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    yes thats y she asked thats what i do

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    she sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo likes u

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