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Does apartment rent include taxes?

When it says to rent an apartment say $800 dollars does that include tax ontop of that or is there no tax on that?

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    If you are in the US the landlord is responsible for real estate taxes and pretty much everything else except possibly utilities. Check the lease agreement.

    Remember, since you don't own the property and are not on title, you can't be held responsible for taxes, insurance or any loans against the property.

    That's why a lot of people rent. No unpleasant surprises and you can leave when the lease is up.

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    Apartment Taxes

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    Property taxes are paid by the owner of the property, not the renter. They do push the cost down to renters, but its included in rent. There is no tax on apartment rent.

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    There is no additional tax to whatever the rent is.

    The property owner pays the taxes.

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    The taxes are paid with rents by the landlord not you.

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