I need help on, this girl i like?

I have liked this girl for a while now. But she doesnt know me and we have never really talked before. I know some people might say then why do you like her? I just do u know i think she is beautiful and really nice. I asked her to homecoming but she said she wasnt going, she said she has other plans that day with her friends and she told me what her plans were. Anyway i still like her. She looked happy when i asked her. Should i ask her on a date and get to know her like that? thanks for the help.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First, I say you should talk to her in person or phone or online, so you get to know her before you hang out with her. Otherwise it might be awkward if you two have nothing to say. Then once you two know each other better, then ask her to hang out and stuff. The results would be a lot better.

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