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My sega genesis has video but no audio?

I tried switching from channel 3 and 4 but its always a nice crisp video but no audio at all and i've tried many different games. What could i do?


no....... it has the single cable that goes into the back of the TV, not the yellow white and red A/V wires.

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    usually in video games it's those 3 wires (red,white, yellow) if the sega genesis has those than make sure they're all plugged in, well maybe not the red one...

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    Your aren't connecting the cables right, Sega Genesis uses those 3 color AV cable Y/R/W they all need to be connected or the sound wont come out.

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    you've got the wrong chords. they use the 2 a/v outputs (yellow and white) not S video

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