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Would a Siberian Husky be happy in my home?

Where I live, it gets hot here in the summer but it snows in the winter. My back yard is about 50x100ft. I am 13 years old and I am really looking forward to getting a dog. I'm aware of the responisbilties of owning a dog but, I really want one and my heart isn't set on a Siberian Husky so, suggestions for a dog for me are more than welcome :)

Here are some pics of my backyard.

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    If you are not set on any certain breed, then I suggest you adopt. You will be saving a life, there are plenty of purebreeds and mixes needing homes, including Huskies.

    At 13 you can not fully responsible for a dog, so make sure your parents know what they are getting into and agree they will help.

    Also Huskies are a very energetic intelligent working dog, they need a lot of exercise or they could develop behavioral issues. Good luck. Check out your local shelters.

    Training and socialization is important in any dog or breed you get, make sure you have enough time for it.

  • Husky's can be hard to handle if you're a first time dog owner. It'd be best to do some research into dogs, and maybe ask around breeders and shelters about what dog they would recommend for your household.

    A husky would be a lot of work, and as said in other answers, they need lots of exercise, they also shed a LOT. However, any dog can be a great pet with enough exercise. 99% of the time, bad behavior is due to the lack of exercise. So when you chose a dog, think about if there will be someone around to walk your dog at least once a day.

    Don't worry to much about the heat/cold. As long as they have water and shade in summer, and are kept warm in winter (some will be ok if they have thick coats, or you could buy them a dog coat/jumper).

    I hope you have lots of fun and good times with your future dog!

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    I would not suggest it for a 13 year old - I'm the same age, home all day, trained 15+ dogs, have a huge yard with massive fences and still decided against one. You need 8ft fences too. A Husky should have 2 hours of running a day, out on a walk. Not walking - RUNNING. And this'll be hard since they can never be let offleash, they won't come back. You'll be at school all day too, and this breed doesn't do well on its own. They are also very vocal, and I doubt your mum would want fluff everywhere to the extent of a Husky's shedding.

    Have you considered a Labradoodle? I've recently got mine (three weeks ago) and she's perfect. She keeps me on my toes but she isn't TOO much work. They don't shed much either!

    Good luck (:

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    Huskies are wonderful dogs when in knowledgeable hands. However, I do not suggest this breed for the first time dog owner.

    My Husky mix needs at least a 4 mile walk each day (regardless of weather or yard size) plus regular sessions on a treadmill to drain his excess energy (and he's 4 years old).

    Huskies are notorious escape artists and will try to break out of enclosed spaces if bored (my dog knows how to open locked doors so I had to install locks that can only be opened with a key on either side to prevent escape attempts). Because Huskies were bred to be sledding dogs, they have a tendency to pull on leash (so if you can't handle having a 70+ pound dog dragging you down the street, I wouldn't advise getting one).

    The breed requires plenty of physical and mental exercise in order for them to be good companions. Otherwise, they can become destructive and act out.

    I would suggest contacting a local rescue and searching If the rescue has a foster program, the dog will have already lived in a home, received basic obedience, be up to date on all of its shots, been spayed/neutered, and have an in-depth personality profile drawn up on it. That way you'll know what you're getting into before you bring the dog home.

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    Do you like running? That is what will make a husky happy. A yard is a very small part of a dogs' life. They need a lot of exercise and training. They are difficult to train. They need at least an hour of running exercise every day including training. Do you have this time and energy everyday, even when it's snowing (raining, freezing, etc)?

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    I wouldn't consider a Husky to be a good dog for a first time owner OR for a young adult owner such as yourself. They are powerful, prey driven, high strung dogs. Not the easiest to train or socialize, not the easiest to control.

    I would go for something smaller. Nothing dominant or that tends to be dominant. Something with an easier going disposition, easier to train, easier to handle.

    As far as breed suggestions go, we know nothing about you, your lifestyle, or how much time you can dedicate to this dog so we can't really give you breeds. I just recommend evaluating your lifestyle and what you can HANDLE in a dog. Think about size, exercise needs, energy level, trainability, grooming needs, coat type, etc.

    Choose based on what you can physically and mentally handle. If you don't need much in terms of characteristics, then have the family take a trip down to the shelter and choose a dog there - the staff should be able to match you to a dog in their care.

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    Depending on your climate, Siberian Huskies are generally low shedders except during the times of year when they blow their coat, meaning they drop large amounts of hair all at once. They need a high fenced yard and the fence should also be buried several inches below ground to prevent the Husky from digging his way out. Here are more breed highlights:

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    hmmm im in the same boat as you, im 14 and i want a sibe, cept it doesn't snow where i live.... anyway, your yard looks pretty big, if you want to choose another breed why not a golden retriever? they are very loyal and family orientated, or a labrador or border collie?? their mi nxt choices, i also suggest talking to your parents about it and go see some husky breeders in your area, or wateva breed you decide, b4 actually buyin the dog as this can prepare you for their known behaviour.

    Have fun with wateva breed you decide!

    P.S: can someone answer mi Question pls?;_ylt=AhuZ2...

    Source(s): Been tryin to get my parents to let me hav a sibe for ages.
  • Ya it seems big enough, as long as your ready for the responsibility (which, for a husky, includes everyday walks).

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