Please help.. Girl problems!?

Okay.. So, recently i met this girl, and she is really nice, and sweet. Although i have a girlfriend, and promised i would never cheat on her, i have flirted with this other girl here and there.. But the thing is, I haven't told her that i have a girlfriend.. And i think she is starting to fall in love with me. I really need to tell her, but i don't want her to get her feelings hurt.. What would be the best way to break it down to her? I didn't know how strong this girls feelings were for me, and now i don't know what shes gonna do if i tell her i have a girlfriend. Shes a really nice girl, and i don't want to lose our friendship. So please tell me the best way to tell her that i have a girlfriend, and that we can't be anymore than friends, without hurting her.. Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Just bring up your girlfriend however you want. "Going out with my girlfriend on Saturday."

    If she is ACTUALLY a friend, she may be hurt, but she'll get over it. Do it ASAP. The longer you hold off, the more rude it'll be.

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    1 decade ago

    You bombed by flirting anyway. Did this have anything to do with your g/f? Are you losing interest in her? Or was the exitment of flirting what got you? You need to let the other girl know you have a g/f and be faithful to the one you have. You don't want to be labeled a cheater.

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