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Why doesn't he wanna have sex with me?

we've been fooling around on and off for a year. we've done things couples do: hold hands, argue, and hang out. just recently he changed his facebook status to "in a relationship." it doesn't say with whom, i asked him if he had a girlfriend he said no. two days ago we hung out and i wanted to have sex. he didn't. i was confused. we usually have sex. why is it all of a sudden no sex?

I've already had sex with him more than 12+times. He tells me he usually "stops talking to a girl" after sex because she wasn't "good enough in bed." We have great sex together. So what's the deal? I don't like him, btw.



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    Maybe he's ready for a serious relationship, and it hurts him to know that he is having sex with a girl that only wants one thing.. Maybe he really likes you! Ever think of that one? at some point, and with some men never, They are ready to have a steady girlfriend. Talk to him about it... And if you dont like him why the hell are you having sex with him?

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    Let's pick out the important peices of this before I feel the urge to bang my head into a wall....

    Let's look at the possibilities:

    He's changed his status: granted, doesnt prove anything because i've done it so I dont get a message from every wierdo out there asking to 'hook up', but in this case, I'd go with he's really in a relationship. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he told you he doesnt have a girlfriend because he's trying not to hurt you. And let's face it, it could be a guy and you just didnt ask the right question.

    Contrary to popular belief, guys arent wind up toys that you push a button and they're ready to go. Yes, there are some that try to prove this wrong, but there are the (rare?) few that at times just dont feel like it. Again, doesnt really prove one way or another.

    But, coupled with the fact he said point blank if the sex isnt good he drops them, I'd say he felt either the sex wasnt good (despite you saying it was, doesnt mean he thought so) or its ruining your friendship (assuming there's a friendship, if not, see prior theory).

    Most importantly, why do you care about this at all if you "dont like him"????

    And of course, you can always go the direct route and say "hey, not that i'm complaining but we didnt stick to our routine, is there something up?' You might be surprised and get an answer.

    You dont like him, so why do you care?

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    If you don't like him then what's the question about? Just dump him and move on.

    He doesn't want to have sex because he's a young guy and has no interest in you as a person - he's sampled you wares as much as he's wanted and he's ready to move on.

    Sounds like you are too

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    Let me understand this .You don't like him, but you are confused because he did not want to have sex with you? I could be wrong, but maybe you could use a real relationship.

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    like u said u saw in a relationship on his profile he got a gf and he doesn't want to cheat on her. so u kinda need to back off for a while

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    Well maybe he just doesn't like you anymore......

    And obviously you do like him....or you wouldn't be on yahoo answers asking everyone why he won't have sex with you anymore!

    Just move on!!

    If you had sex with him knowing he was the kind of guy who just has sex with girls than stops talking to them then your a idiot...

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    It seems to me that you like him. c'mon don't lie

    and well talk to him about it. don't just ask here it wont always help.

    maybe hes not in amood, maybe he is seeing someone else but not telling you or maybe hes just dumb

    think about it.

    and if it says "in a relationship" then ask him. gosh.

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    He just don't want to have sex..

    A question to you. Wow why would you have sex with someone your not even going out with?

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    play to his fetish and seduce him lol

    ex. get out the sexy nurse uniform with white pantyhose and just slowly take the uniform off u know? lol

    maybe he has a serious gf now and thats why he doesnt want u know

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    Im sure hes lying to you about being in a relationship.


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