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Getting over the flu and my ear is clogged...?

Hello there. This past week I've been sick with the flu. I'm getting over it and just have a cough and a couple minutes ago I realized my right ear feels like its clogged. Its not possible that its water and it's not wax. What else could this be? It feels like I have to pop it like when you're in an airplane and your ear pops. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I just yawned and it didn't do anything.

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    Recently I had a bacterial infection in my eustachian Tube. that is a possibility.

    See link for more help.

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    Oh i tell you from experience, that is liquid retained in your middle ear. I use to fly often and many times after a bad cold I was not allowed to even drive out of the city because any change in the air pressure was so painful. Your internal canal (between the middle ear and the throat), is blocked and it is going to need time to open again, usually antihistaminic treatment works well but time is the only solution. If it doesn't go away after two weeks you might need a little eardrum incision to equalize the pressure.

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    ahhh i have the same problem!

    i'm getting over swine flu this week!

    i've had a cough and my ears have been clogged for a couple of days

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    yeah ear infection... if it doesnt go away in a week get antibotics

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