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Anyone please help me !!?

Okay so my Alegabra teacher after every class, begins to flirt with me, and the passed friday, she groped me, im really nervous to report this because i have no clue what will happen can anyone please tell me what would happen if i reported this.

Please help, i don't know what will happen

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    Tell your mother. If she really did this then you are not the first. You may save some kid's life because they may have a horrible reaction if she does it to them. Remember it is not your fault.

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    If you report her, she will most probably lose her job, but so she should. She is abusing her power and authority and putting you in an awkward position. Report it, you don't know how many others she is doing this to!

  • LOOK-you need to report this lady-IMMEDIATELY. ALRIGHT? IMMEDIATELY. That's molesting a minor.

    What will happen? Yes, shell probably lose her job, but that doesnt matter. Think about urself and ur own well-being.

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    Are you passing? Do you do algebra as well as you spell? and as well as you choose categories for your questions?

    Take it to the administration.

    You shouldn't be passing, and if your teacher is passing you for sex...that is against the law. She needs to be fired!

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    She'll go to jail

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