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Boxer looks too thin (pictures)?

He hasn't been gaining weight lately (7 months old) but he eats like an elephant. I know boxers are supposed to be thin but I think he's too thin. I'm thinking about taking a fecal to the vet Monday.

Take a look

Top view

Side view


I just looked back at all my past photos of him.

Since he lost his "baby fat" he's always been

thin but his ribs are really starting to show now.His last fecal was done in June so its definitely time to do another.

Here he is at 5 months

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    I'm a firm believer in thin dogs being healthy dogs but this dog is too thin. Consult your vet to make sure it's not a health issue.

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    How long has your dog been this thin looking? Take him to the vet ASAP. He may have worms eating thefood inside of him therefore causing him to lose an excess amount of weight.

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    I have a boxer and she eats like a horse and she is not this thin. Go ahead and take a sample to your vet it is likely he has worms.

  • Defiantly too skinny. He may have worms, take him to the vet. Worms can eat the food that the dog eat, they suck out the nutrition.

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    Usually that is normal this is how they r supposed to look when he is older it will get big but the dog will always show some part of its ribs

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