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What is the best straightener?

for black people?

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    Jose Eber Flat Iron. (Any Series). They are amazingg, and work really good!. My cousin has african-american type of hair and it works on her just like it does to me.

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    CHI's are really good but their sorta expensive. like at least 140ish dollars

    GHD's also works super well but their pretty expensive too

    i just bought a remington one and from the reviews and stuff that ive read, they work well. you can get one for like 30 dollars or more

    answer mine pleasee?;_ylt=As3zp...

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    a straightner that saidz ceramic straightner because a straightner made of ceramic is very proffesional and it works on mostly any type of hair sweetie

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    It doesn't depend on your colour.

    vs sasoon works great on almost everyone, its very good quality. it does wonders!

    kind regards..xx

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    i have chi, it's $200 though, but it works good.

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    the chi!!

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