Is it honorable (in the eyes of a seasoned magician) to learn simple tricks off of youtube?

I've always heard that there is like a secret code or something that magicians keep in mind that deals with magic. I'm going to learn some tricks and what not from youtube tutorials. Do a lot of magicians start out this way? I just wanted to know in case I ever run into one. I don't want to start practicing magic in a socially unacceptable (to magicians) way.

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    Picture this..

    You invented a new magic effect, so good that you decided to make an instructional DVD of it to teach those really interested to learn the effect, and at the same time, prevent too many people knowing the secret to it.

    Then videos of performances of your effect started to spread on YT, with amateurs who learned the tricks for a minute, with lack of practice, exposing the trick, and some kids who exposes the trick by creating tutorial videos, for free! (not saying that its good to charge for it).

    How would you feel?

    Another reason not to expose the secret behind the trick is,

    Say you performed 'an impossible' close-up trick, and then got a great response from your audience.

    Then they started asking you how it was done.

    Being so happy from the applause and all, you told them how it was actually done.

    "Oh. So that's it?"

    Not the response you had expected wasn't it?

    Preserve the magic in magic, and leave the world something to be entertained with.

    Books or DVDs?

    Start off with books cos they tend to be more detailed and has more effects as compared to DVDs.

    DVDs usually explains just a few effects, and are much more expensive than books.

    Michael Ammar, Thomas Medina, Jay Sankey, Lennart Green, Jeff McBride.. just to name a few great tutors.

    Good luck buddy!

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    Magicians use Illusions on their indicates, Black Magic isn't a useful approach to participate in whilst on Stage or T.V, it's almost always observed by means of invoking Demons, casting curses and hexes and takes time to be robust. there's a change among a performer ( illusionist) and a Mage ( Black Magician).

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