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algebra 2 help on factoring a polynomial?

Please help on factoring the polynomial:

1. 25x^4-9

2. x^4-x^2+6

3. x^4-16x^2+64

4. 49x^4-4

Please show your work and explain how you got your answer.

I promise there will be a best answer!

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    1. both 25, 4, and 9 are perfect squares so you will have (5x^2-3)(5x^2+3) one is plus and one is minus so that you are left without a middle term.

    2. im not sure how you would do this one unless it is supposed to be minus 6. then you would have (x^2-3)(x^2+2) when foiled back out you will have x^4-x^2-6. you know that 3*2=6 and that -3+2=-1

    3.this would be (x^2-8)^2. you can determine this because you know that 64 is 8^2 and 8*2=16.

    4.this one is similar to the first. you know that 49 and 4 are perfect squares. (7x^2+2)(7x^2-2) would be your answer.

    hope this helps

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    Just recall that x^4 = (x^2)^2 and take it from there!

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