need serious help with shy girl.?

ok so, i have a cute girl im thinking of, and shes into sadism, and im sorta the masochist in her life. the thing is though, she hardly ever hits/kicks (injures) me or anyone else. she is extremely quite, even when i throw insults at her to try to make her act back; but nothing happens. im worried i might just be hurting her emotions, instead of arousing her sadism state-of-mind...i need some help trying to get her to talk and act(...dont ask me why, but her kicking me feels good! thats why i want her to kick/hit me :]...)

please, no stupid answers, i seriously need some true (and hopefully helpful) advice.


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    If you and her are close than do this:

    Instead of using insults which may result in hurting her feelings; use play wrestling. Tug at her and push her a bit, teasing of course and get her playing back. When she starts playing back sort of let her win, than when she is really having fun tell her how hot, pretty, sexy, fun, she is. (Whichever term you prefer.) Its just about gently pushing boundaries, you don't want to be to aggressive, be playful and she will come around. You have to get her as comfortable with you as possible.

    Weird question man but hope this helps ha ha.

    and remember

    "A gentle wind can move even mountains with time."

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    wait, are you dating her? ha! srry i feel stupid to ask that. umm anyway you like her abuse? i dont exactly get it, but i would say if your insulting her to get her to hit you maybe your headed down the wrong path, especially since she hasnt reacted. maybe u should just date her? then maybe she'll be more comfortable around you and hit you more, if thats what you want

    because i wouldnt hit or kick some one im not close to at all...

  • Throwing insults at her may seem a good way to go but it's only hurting her more. What you should do is small talk.Like yes or no questions. That's always a good way to start a relationship.

    Source(s): I was alwase into that type. Lol
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    im thinking she likes you but she has a different way of showing it. i don't think you are hurting you or she would of let you known.i say be more out in the open ask her if she wants to go out and eat or play games or even just go out on a walk usually more emotions come out that way just let her know a lil about your self and just be real with her im sue she will be the same to you in no time... good luck!

    Source(s): self experience :)
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    instead of doin all this hard work to get her to kick you y dont u pull her aside and tlk to if you really want her to hit u do a background check on her n see if theres ne thing pesonal goin on that'll gt deep bt not too deep that u really upset her

    answer my ?;_ylt=AhGMv...

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    you are most likely hurting her on the inside. you should talk to her like you would talk to anyone. i guess you could call it small talk.

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    Dude...Wat kind of a loser wants someone to kick them? I mean REALLY......What are you gonna do? walk up to your buddies and say "Hey guys! so-and-so kicked me today!!" wat r they gonna do? pat you on the back?

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