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jets defense or should i pick up a different defense? help?

i have the jets defense but also ronnie brown starting for the dolphins.. should i keep it the way it is or try to find a different defense in free agency, once such as the 49ers?

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    The jets defense should do well this week... Miami doesn't exactly have the best QB playing

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    If the 49ers are available take them over jets. they went insane last week. That being said, I think the jets d will score high. But def agree with the other guy, never ever ever own 2 defenses, well there are some reasons to, but in general no

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    whenever i need a defense cuz mine is on bye or playing a high powered offense i ALWAYS try to pick up whoever is playing the Raiders. For example last week i picked up the lowly Texans defense cuz they were playing the Raiders and they got me like 31 points and that is A LOT of points in the league i'm in. but if the team that is playing the raiders is not available go for whoever is playing the Lions or the next weakest team and so on. you know what i'm saying?

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    see if the carolina panthers are available, they have a good matchup this week.

    also: pro-tip--you shouldn't own two defenses

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