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Do you like the name Savannah Rayne?

I asked this question yesterday, but i think because of the time dif here in Aust maybe more people are on line now :)

I asked about my fave name Savannah and someone suggested Savannah i suppose a play on meanings

but after some research i found out that RAYNE is French for Queen

and the full name Savannah Rayne would be Desert Queen...and i have an obsession with Egyptology..and it reminds me of Cleopatra me sounds like something precious or rare..

What other names do you think go with Savannah Rayne

I like Savannah Ivy Rayne..

Any thoughts? thanks :)


so many different websites say so many different meanings...some said reigne others rayne or rain or reign etc

most of them mean either queen, high councel or quite literaly rain!

i like the spelling of Rayne more then any of the others, this is why i picked it :)

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    Savannah Rayne by itself is perfect!

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    Savannah Rayne is really great, creative, contrasting but complementing at the same time. It seems like you've put a lot of effort into finding this name, it's perfect, welldone!!!

    The meaning is really cool too!

    I think you should keep Savannah Rayne together, so maybe put another name after that.

    How about:

    Savannah Rayne Adrienne

    Savannah Rayne Autumn

    Savannah Rayne Blanche

    Savannah Rayne Mya

    Savannah Rayne Opal

    Savannah Rayne Quinn

    Savannah Rayne True

    Savannah Rayne Yasmin

    :) x*x*

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    1 decade ago

    Savannah Ivy Rayne is goregeous! i also like Savannah Rayne Lily or Savannah Lily Rayne. if ur going 4 something rare id say Savannah Ruby Rain, Savannah Emerald Rayne, Savannah Diamond Rayne,

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I LOVE Savannah Rayne! And especially of what it means name. Thats really cool!

    But Savannah Ivy Rayne, I'm not too fond of. I dont like how 'Ivy and Rain' are next to eachother....Do you see what I am saying?

    Maybe these:

    Savannah Rayne Marie

    Savannah Taylor Rayne

    Savannah Rayne Sophia

    Savannah Sophia Rayne

    Savannah Rayne Priscilla

    (: I love Savannah Rayne Priscilla. I think its very unusual and cool!

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  • vg61
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    Savannah Rayne or Savannah Reine is very pretty. I also like Savannah Raine as kind of a play on words. Raine as in rain yet it has an e on the end like Reine (queen). I like your reasoning behind the choice. *:)

  • April
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, I think Savannah Rayne is a cute name....

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    "Rayne" is not a French word. There would never be a word that looked like that in French. "Reine" is the word in French for queen. It is pronounced, more or less, like "Ren," except the N is pronounced barely, and through the nose, almost silent.

    Savannah Reine is nice.

    Source(s): linguistics student in college.
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