I am in love, but this person might love me back , what should I do to make the next move?

Ok there is this guy named Jesse. He is really cute I think I am in love.

But I want to know the signs. He stares at me in class, he touches everybody's hair except mine and when he is about too he just looks at me. He winked when I told him I liked him, but I took it back ( I don't know why ) He doesn't make fun of me like his friends. He tells me run Valerie RUN! When I am in P.E. . But the main problem is that he has a girlfriend named Vanessa. And he says that she is sexy, and that he is making him self look nice for her. And I am quite jealous. All I want to know if he is person that flirts with every girl or he likes me.

Also, I want to know if I should give him my number when I get my Iphone. Thank you for reading this. :)


Yeah but he is thinking about breaking up with her.

Update 2:

Yeah but he is thinking about breaking up with her.

Update 3:

I'm but 18 but I sound like I am 11 year old sorry . I am just very very tired.

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    Be respective of everyone's reputation and feelings.

    Unfortunately, he does have a girlfriend.

    I would try being his friend and truly getting to know him.

    When you get your iPhone I would give him your name.

    If he does break up with his girlfriend, tell him again that you like and would like to be more than friends.

    "The things we wish had done are the things that torture our lonely souls at night, as we dream and wonder what could have been if we had done what our hearts thought were right."

    Good Luck, love. Be Strong.

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    Honey when you are in love you know . He just seems like a flirty guy and might just look at you only as a friend . If a boy like you and wanted to date you first he wouldn't still be seeing someone and second he wouldn't tell you that he think another person is sexy. Don't give him your number.Have respect that he is in a relationship ok. I'm pretty sure there is someone else that has there eyes on you.But most of all make sure you stay on top of your grades . Best of luck hun

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    man, am i in your position too or what? lol. Give him your number, and become closer to him, as a friend. he'll see what a great person you are, and he'll fall even harder for you. I think he likes you, so just give him subtle hints you can deny if things turn for the worse.

    He is probly saying that about his girlfriend so he doesn't sound unfaithful, because he might be confused about how he feels, he might need time.

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    He has a girlfriend...

    If you are this young and wanting to steal girls boyfriends then you are going to have some trouble when you get older...

    Your not in love You barely know the guy.

    Your too young.

    All you know is his name, and that he goes to school with you and you think he is cute.

    Honestly just forget a bout it.

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    Well its hard to tell...he could just be the "flirty type" that'll lead you on.....and umm how old are you.....i doubt its love sweetie...just a HARD CORD CRUSH... haha everbody has them at some point...and if he has a gf... just wait it out and see what happens...that wouldn't be a good idea to give your number to him...unless you like gf drama....and that isn't worth it....hang out with him more...and get a REAL feel of who he is ya know....then you can decide whether it's worth fighting for...(not literally though) lol

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    ok, if he has a girlfriend, its a hard situation i know. but, if you can try pulling him off to the side and talking with him (if you arent too shy). if you are, try to pull the courage, or work your way into telling him you have strong feelings for him, and dont just like him, but not exactly love. (solves your previous problem). if these dont work, i could awnser if i knew your situation better.

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    well this is hard decision... but as an excuse to give him ur # do a project or somethin together jesse mite like u but he wants to make u jealous by talking bout his girlfriend who he mite not want to be with anymore but u nvr no when it comes to guys :)

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    he winked because he's a nice guy, not because he likes you. do not give him your number otherwise sexy Vanessa is going to kill you. and this is not called love. this is a crush. nothing more. he doesn't love you sweety. he's dating sexy Vanessa.

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    well one im pretty sure your not in love and if this guy has a gf then he's a flirt. my advice to move on to some other guy cuz he's taken and obviously he really likes her if he's complimenting her and trying to make himself look better for her.

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    he might like you... but it sounds like this guy is a player who just flirts with everyone, so be careful and don't get so attached to him that you get hurt.

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