Why do people still believe they have the voting power to vote in a president?

Since the early days of the voting process the american people haven't made any difference in the presidential election.This is because of the electoral college,established back in the day to keep the poor people from deciding who becomes the president.The voting process is nothing more than a false sense of worth for the majority of americans who really think they've made some kind of difference.That is why I have a problem with all these obamabots out there who say the american people voted him in.Someone far more wealthier and more powerful than them wanted him in office do do a specific job,that's why even if he'd lost the popular vote he would still have been president(just like bush in his second term).Everyone should wake up and realize that we are all just slaves to the rich,and always will be ,and stop whining about nobama because he is nothing more than a presidential mouthpiece for the wealthy.If you don't like what I wrote about this subject I don't really care,I'm just a poor a$$ed guy tired of living in a rich mans world.


pet vet,no I think nobama is a crook,thief and an all out moron,and yes to everyone I voted ,.and vote in every election.Someone has to put our elected thievses into the senate and house uf reps.

Update 2:

rae,where were you a little over four years ago when bush lost the popular vote,he still became the potus.Why dosen't everyone pick up a history book and research the electorial college.

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    lol @petvet: "I agree with Edward. One person can make a change. ...Why spend [your life] being angry at something you can't change?" You should be a senator with rhetoric like that.

    Actually you're wrong. Not entirely. Just partially. The reason Bush was able to lose the popular vote and win the election is because the electoral college's positions are filled according to the census. The census is only taken every ten years. Demographics shift between the taking of a census and the presidential election.

    Where you're right is that the average American doesn't contribute to political choice. First, There's no substantial difference dem/rep. Second, too many Americans are controlled by the media. The news agencies run the nation.

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    You do have the power to decide who the president is, just not in the presidential election. Electors are chosen by popular vote, so if you have more republicans voting for who gets to be part of the electoral college then you will have one republican vote for president. What is really sad is that people are not interested in the elections of electors when those elections are much more important than the presidential election in deciding who our president will be.

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    The government propaganda outlets (schools) and State-controlled media (ABC, NBC, CBS) tell and reinforce that lie and since most people have the curiosity of a mushroom it never occurred to them to inquire further. They might if they cared, but they don't. To most people the election of public servants (aka our employees) is little different from voting for American Idol, except that politics is more boring.

    How exactly are "the rich" keeping you down?

    Are you following the known steps to become wealthy yourself?

    Maybe you should start now.

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    I agree with Edward. One person can make a change.

    P.S. I know a lot of people are angry with our new president. But you must not be. I mean as far as we know everyone only has one life. Why spend it being angry at something you can't change for the time being? Try to find something else to think about that makes you happy. For instance your family, the beautiful plant in your yard, etc.


    It is your life. If you want to spend it angry, that is your choice. I have a questions though. How can you show so much hate and anger at one person? Even if he is not good, he is still a person. Try showing more compassion toward others.

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    Because I just like other people believe that one person can make a difference. It is a privilege to vote that not everyone in this world can do.

    If We Stand Together We Can Change The World!!!

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    They are naive. But, if enough of us voted, and voter turnout exceeded the population, then people could see through the smokescreen. That is the reason that I vote, to tick off the rich people in power.

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    "Why would you not want to get therapy if you got breast cancer,I mean does life mean that little to you."

    shut up, its only a question. dont overreact with little things. when did he/she said that life means little? get a life.

    btw obama won cause he is black. do you honestly believe conspiracy the(rr)orists? that rich reptilians rule this world? watch more penn & teller BS shows.

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