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Can smoking marijuana cause seizures?‎?

okay my boyfriend and me were coming back from breakfast and we were walking up the stairs to his apartment anyways, he looked up to the roof quickly and fell over and blacked out and then started having a seizure... and this was one cuz he was twitching his whole body everywhere and shaking, as well as spitting up saliva and when his seizure stopped he was confused and didn't know where he was or who i was for a second and then scrambling around cuz he was scared and didn't know what was going on. and after that he was puking alot after.

is this because he didn't smoke his weed that morning?

cuz hes a heavy pot smoker he smokes at least every morning when he wakes up and everyday at least 4-5 times a day

so i'm just confused why he had a seizure so randomly and he told me that was he first one hes ever had and hes still saying no about going to the clinic..... help

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    No, it's not from weed.

    Weed doesn't have physical withdrawl symptoms, does he do any other drugs that you know about???

    If you think it's withdrawl then he's most likely taking something else, if not, then he needs to see a doctor...

    He wouldn't refuse to see a doctor if he was only smoking weed.

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    i dont think those are weed "withdrawls" hes probly got a disease

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