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What is happening when I take Ecstasy?

I feel like people that are also on Ecstasy can read my mind. I start to get anxious and frustrated that I'm "telling" everyone my thoughts and secrets. When I am talking to someone in my mind, indirectly, and I look up, I feel as if that person read what I was saying to them and understood it. One time I was thinking about something really secret and silly, and when I looked up my friend had started laughing as if he could read exactly what I was thinking. It makes me paranoid. I also had feelings I was talking to someone that was not in the area. I was "telling" the whole world about how I had done him wrong. He is very secretive, so he did not like that I was announcing to everyone what happened. My throat started to close and tried to hold my breathe so I would stop "talking" to everyone about everyone secrets. I wanted to pass out and sleep. I also thought a family member was going to come through the door and hurt me for being so "loud" (in my mind). Am I crazy? What happened? Do fellow users of Ecstasy feel as if they have psychic abilities when on the drug? Please do not respond with "Don't take drugs" because after this, I do not want to. The first couple of times I had VERY much fun. After a few times, these "psychic" thoughts and intense thinking got more prominent on Ecstasy. Now i feel depressed and worthless. Help? :(

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    It's most likely the drug messing with your brain, distorting reality. Its your choice to do drugs, if it were me and i had all these negative effects after taking a drug i would stop. But that's me, and your not me. In the end, it is most likely just the drug screwing with your brain.

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    Well weed and ecstasy are very different drugs so I would go for it. Weed isn't hallucinogenic but ecstasy CAN be NOT ALWAYS. Just be in a comfortable place with cool people when you take the ecstasy you'll be fine!

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    honestly i havent ever felt like this

    next time you roll, make sure you are in the right environment, with the right people. all it takes is one person to **** up your roll. eliminate things that could be a problem, make sure you are in a place where you are comfortable, i prefer someone elses house tho, because when other people are over i tend to worry about them messing up my house and such when i am rolling.

    its all in your mind, just let go, be free, and be careless, and get yourself a can of vicks :)

    and dont roll with sober people around you everywhere, when i do, it makes me feel like an idiot.

    and once again, remember, you control your roll, its all in your head, put worries out of your mind and make sure you are in a good mood when you roll

    have fun and be safe, drink water, but not too much :)

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    I know its not good for you, i have a buddy who was taking it all the time and now is in a wheelchair with liver probems, he cant function straight and shakes eratically lost so much weight!! he is only 29 and being poppin for a year and a half! Please try to save yourself and quit while its not to late!! it will f*** u up in the long run!!

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    stop doing ecstasy?

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    Simple answer... stop doing the drug. -.-

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    stop it and you''ll be better.. continue and you will o crazy

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