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trading a car in to a dealership that has a loan on it?

ok i took a loan out on a 2005 300c chrysler,

i find a new car at this dealership and i want to trade off my 300c for the new car do i still have to pay off the first loan or does the trade in value go to the loan?

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    If the dealership takes your car in on the trade in they will pay off the first loan and tack it onto the price of the new car you buy. It is a roll over and that is why you hope to get more for your trade than you owe on it. Don't tell the dealer that you owe on the car until after they give you a trade in amount. That way they won't short change you. Get the trade in price first.

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    300c you owe $10,000

    Trade in value = $7,000

    Loan left = $3,000

    New car = $20,000

    New car loan = $23,000

    The dealership will add the remainder of your existing loan to the loan for the new car. This is called being "upside down" in a loan.

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